Look What You Did.

6 New Hugs (1 waste disposal employee, 1 O2 child care worker, 4 new church friends)

Over the past 2 days I have alternated between joyful screaming, mindful soul searching, tears of joy and feelings of frustration. That all adds up to being completely overwhelmed. In case you haven’t seen it, my HooplaHa video was picked up by the Huffington Post and went viral.

My favorite part about all of this? YOU did this. Sure, I did the hugging, but you cared enough to follow my story. You cared enough to share with me how much it meant to you which inspired me to continue. For those of you brand new to my blog, you cared enough to read my story. And, you all cared enough to share my story with others. You helped me spread this message of love and kindness to far reaches of the globe. (Hubby found my story in Vietnamese!)

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


19 thoughts on “Look What You Did.

  1. I’m telling you, I see a movie deal coming. I feel it in my bones. That would really be spreading the word. Hugs to you, hubby and boys

  2. Just saw your story on Yahoo! and thought it was fantastic!

    I’m a hugger. 20 years ago, I moved from Oklahoma to Minnesota. In Oklahoma, we spontaneously hug. Not so much in Minnesota and, before you do here, you ask first…”Can I give you a hug?” And these aren’t strangers; they’re people you know! So foreign to me.

    Your story completely made my day! Kudos to you!!!!

    • Thank you Cathie! Your comment brought to mind a quote from Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” only for you I would say, “Just keep hugging, just keep hugging.” Hopefully you know what I am talking about. lol {HUG} to you in Minnesota!

      • I absolutely know what you’re talking about! I’ve always been a hugger. It’s a hard thing to Unlearn. But I think I’m gonna stop trying to unlearn it! 🙂

  3. Melinda….joyful tears …………a small example of how
    love…the love that flows inside of you can and will change the world
    when someone allows the “force” to flow. I am so proud of you…proud of the things you’ve done to change the world…and even though we have never met…your sharing have connected us on a “soul” level. I celebrate that the “goodness and love” you have shared is now changing the world…one little hug at a time…………

    “May the Force be with You”
    hugs………….hugs…………..hugs………….girl call me..you can cry all day long….

    • Oh Pam. Can you believe it all? Just goes to show that people really do crave kindness, love and connection. Thank you for being a soul sister. Your support has meant so much. Now, let’s see how far this will go… {{{HUG}}}

  4. Melinda…
    you are changing the world…and inspiring all of us to do the same………..I am so proud of you…proud of the goodness you’ve added to the world…..
    I celebrate that others now are aware that a something so little as an embrace…….can and will
    change the world…one hug at a time…

    I celebrate who you are, what you have done and what you are about to do!!!!!

    Though have never met…..you’ve allowed all of us to connect to you on a soul level……and that..that changes the world………………blessings….go on and cry…you deserve to feel the depths of the wonder of what Love is doing through you…..hug…hug..hug.

  5. Oh girl, we should be the ones thanking you….not the other way around. YOU did this. So many silly things go “viral” these days, I’m glad something worth spreading around (your story) went too.
    You are one amazing woman, setting a beautiful example for the rest if us<3

    • Oh Julie. What an amazing sentiment. Thank you so much. I am so close to Willow Springs so, please, if you ever see my Have You Been Hugged Today bumper sticker driving around in front of you, stop me for a great big HUG!!!

    • Thank you Gwen! I almost came in today with my big oversize sunglasses in total superstar mode, but I thought that was a bit of an overkill. lol {HUG}

  6. Hi, Melinda. I’m from Brasil and you are in the newspaper here (http : // noticias.uol.com .br /tabloide/ultimas-noticias/tabloideanas/2012/07/19/americana-abraca-estranhos-na-rua-para-aliviar-saudades-de-casa.htm)!
    I’m touched by your story, cause I’m from a big city where personal contact with strangers does have a bad rap, and more, can be dangerous. Then, when I had to live at a little city, I’ve learned how connect me with people. But, when I got back to the big city, I’ve had some year of misinterpretation and frustration that make me think twice before get close with someone, and I become one of does guys that have white wires hanging from the ears. But now your story inspired me. So, thank you very much. I’ll try to read more, so I can be a little more happy and awesome as you appeared to be.

    Sorry for my english.

    • Thank you for reaching out to me Suzana! It can’t be incredibly difficult especially in a big city. Trust your instincts. They will lead you in the direction of safe arms to hug. You are awesome, just the way you are! {HUG}

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