Riding The Wave

1 New Hug (childcare employee at O2 Fitness)

So many of you have been with me throughout this journey and I want so much to share with you what going viral feels like. Every time I open an email or look at the comments on my blog there are new ones. I have people I don’t even know sending me friend requests on my personal Facebook page. (I appreciate every single one, I just prefer to keep that page personal and private. If you are interested in me and my journey, please follow my Facebook page for My Year Of Hugs.) I have already done 2 radio interviews, have another request for one and a shoot with NBC-17 in Raleigh on Friday.

Hubby has spent hours at night searching where my story has landed. Friends and family have sent me messages of where they have seen me. I have received tweets and so much love from so many places. On the flip side, there are also some pretty nasty things being said about me. Those I try to avoid at all costs. The good hands down outweighs the bad. How has all of this made me feel? Elated with each awesome message of love. Anxious trying to keep up with the news. Tired from making sure I respond to each person that cared enough to reach out to me. More loved than ever by a hubby so excited and proud of me. Proud of myself knowing that my message of love has been so well received.

At times I have thought that I need to bring myself back down to earth (because my feet have barely touched the ground in 2 days). But, then I made the realization that this too, as with everything in life, will pass. I want to enjoy this moment to the fullest. I want to be elated. I want to fly high on emotions. I want to ride this wave. I want to cry with joy and scream with excitement. But most of all, I want to continue working at inspiring as many people as possible with my hugs. I can do all of that because when this passes, nothing will change. I will still hug and I will still have a beautiful, bright future ahead of me. So tonight, I celebrate and I invite you to join me. Cheers!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


12 thoughts on “Riding The Wave

  1. Celebrating right along with you every step of the way, Melinda! And you enjoy every moment. You deserve every wonderful emotion, feeling and recognition that comes your way. Virtual hugs (huge bear hugs!) to you.

  2. The best part of hugging for me is when I hug someone, and someone nearby says, “what about me, don’t I get a hug?”. That just reinforces for me that it is the right thing to do

  3. Hi, you are doing an amazing thing. Please check out this movie – it’s in Hindi. I am linking it here to a location that has English Subtitles. It was a huge hit in India and abroad and the main protagonist solves a lot of issues/stresses of people by giving hugs to complete strangers. I am sure you will like the movie. http://www.einthusan.com/movies/watch.php?hindimoviesonline=Munna+Bhai+M.B.B.S.&lang=hindi&id=534 Here’s the link for the movie in wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munna_Bhai_M.B.B.S. Keep up the good work and keep giving these “magical hugs”.

    • Hi Amit! Thank you so much for sending those links. I had difficulty seeing the movie, but I checked out the wikipedia link and I wish I could see the movie. It looks great. I love the idea of using hugs and encouraging others to change their lives around as opposed to using drugs or surgery. Big {HUGS} to you!

  4. What shall it profit you Melinda if you gave 1001 hugs in a year or two but lack genuine relationships beyond the superficial?
    -Rebecca Swatt, A Born-Again Christian Woman.

    • Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your concern. We all begin as strangers. The relationship must start somewhere and I choose to start with a hug. Melinda

  5. Hi Melinda! You are such an amazing woman! I love your idea of giving hugs to people to show the love! I myself am a hugger, but only to my family and friends. I want to try giving hugs to other people now, but I get a bit shy. What advice can you give me on how to approach people? Thanks!


    • Hi Kay! Thank you so much for your kind words. The best advice I can give you is to be your loving self. Strike up a conversation. Listen intently and let the other person see how much you care. Then, before you leave gently ask if you can give them a hug. And, never underestimate the power of a big, friendly smile. Best of luck to you. Please keep me updated on how you do! {HUG} Melinda

  6. M. I love that you are now viral…but most of all I relish the fact that you choose to be present in what you are feeling—–that is the growth and transformation I’ve noted in you—-you choose—choose to hug–choose to laugh–choose to be positive……………

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