Watch Your Mouth

0 New Hugs (now wait a minute, before you start judging, I had one yesterday…)

It’s amazing how we can elicit such different emotions regarding a topic by adding or substituting just one word.  For example, some headlines have called me a serial hugger. Hubby looked at me and said, “serial? I don’t think I like that.” Personally I like harmonious hugger (please feel free to use that). Serial hugger denotes negativity and that is so not what I am about.

I’ve seen the same thing happen when discussing uplifting stories of people who have overcome adversity. ‘Susan, victim of childhood cancer beat all odds to win triathalon’. (totally made up headline) Well, then sounds to me like she is not a victim. Sounds to me like she is a survivor. That to me is a feel good headline.

These are examples of headlines, but what about you? What are the words you use when talking to yourself about yourself? Do they elicit an emotion of love and peace? Do they make you proud? Or, do they cause your jaw to clench, shoulders to tighten and make you feel less than the amazing being that you are? Perhaps a change in vocabulary is in order. Because to quote L’Oreal, You Are Worth It.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


6 thoughts on “Watch Your Mouth

  1. This is amazing, because the world needs more love. But the true love you will find in Jesus. I read in website what do you do, and I felt that I needed to write this for you. Don’t forget that have one that want a big hug, he is God!.. Hugs of the Brazil… God Bless you. Att: Gustavo Julian Grobe.

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