4 New Hugs (4 new church friends)

Sometimes my head gets muddled with the messages I want to share with the world, but there is one that is at the core of all I am doing. Connection. I choose to connect to others with hugs because so much can be said without words in that gesture. I feel so much more connection with a hug. I feel that I can say so much more with less misinterpretation (most of the time).

Other times I understand that either a hug is not appropriate or just not physically possible. A few other ways I connect with others are, listening intently to them, looking in their eyes, smiling warmly at them,  lightly touching their hand, arm, or back. Any one of these gestures says, “You are important to me.” Connection. Before my year of hugs (and even at times since) I would find myself going through the motions of life connected with my family and close friends, but otherwise utterly alone. How silly. There were people all around me. The grocery store clerk, the gas station attendant, the mail carrier and the list goes on. I didn’t have to be alone. So, I connected. I hugged. I smiled. I let them know in a small way that they mattered to me. And, the amazing thing that happened was they stopped being a grocery store clerk, gas station attendant or mail carrier and became a friend.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



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