Stranger Hug

1 new hug (random person at the Zoo)

Ok, now, I normally don’t hug random strangers. As a rule I like to have a connection first. I ask for a hug to show someone I am grateful for them being in my life at that particular moment. Not today. I spent a glorious but very long day at the NC Zoo with my 2 boys. It was nearing the end of the day and we were watching the elephants cool down in the water when I noticed a woman wearing a very beautiful retro style dress. Normally if I am standing near someone like that I would compliment them, but I happened to be walking away so I didn’t… at first. Something caught my eye down near her foot and when I really took a good look I noticed this as a tattoo:


If you are not familiar, this is the drawing from Shel Silverstein’s poem, Hug O WarWell, I just couldn’t stop myself. I marched right up to her, complimented her on her dress then told her how much I loved her tattoo to which she began to explain what it was. I nodded and told her I knew, to which she started beaming. We were like two giddy school girls in on a private joke. I, of course, asked her for a hug. (come on, if you are going to have that as a tattoo, it’s like an open invitation for a hug…oh wait. Maybe she is on to something…) It’s brilliant, just brilliant. If I ever did get a tattoo (which is a long shot) this would be it.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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