Because It Happened

5 New Hugs (5 new church friends)

We are not less because it is over, we are better because it happened. This was a great lesson for me to hear in church today. So often, not just in my hug journey but throughout life, I have felt less after a great achievement. I feel as though I showed how great I can be then think,”Oh well, I am just back to being me.” But, I always was me. Through the achievement, before and after it.

The thing I have neglected to realize is that afterwards I can add this great experience to my life. So, not only am I still me, but I am better. The greatness doesn’t go away, it just becomes another part of the beautiful person that I am.

Lately I have been feeling like less of a mother because my kids won’t listen to me. (What is wrong with me that they won’t listen??!! I mean, it’s like they are kids or something…) When just a few months ago they were listening intently and heeding everything I said. Clearly I must be less of a mother. Thank God for messages like today. Reminders that I am not less, but that this experience will only make me better. God, I see your challenge and I accept!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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