The Growing Community

2 new hugs (1 Rite Aid employee, 1 Bulldog Express employee)

I love, love, love hearing from you! The stories, the comments, the love. It’s amazing. I think that is why I wanted to create a hug community on this blog more than anything. I wanted to hear what you had to say. I wanted to hear your stories. There is so much love out there. So much joy. I get all melty inside when you share your stories with me and I know others will feel the same way. This community is open to anyone with something positive to say. (Please refrain from the negative. There are plenty of other sites out there for that.)

So, if you have something to say, say it! Email me and I will post it, or if you want to share more often, I will add you as a regular contributor. If you want to remain anonymous, I can do that too!

In the meantime, my 5 year old “baby” started kindergarten this week. *sniff* No, no, it’s ok. I will be ok. I think…

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



8 thoughts on “The Growing Community

  1. I wrote this last night after I got home….inspired by you and your quest! Thank you! Scott



    Was a really bad day

    I felt the weight of the world

    Upon my shoulders

    Frustrated, Exhausted

    And alone

    When I stumbled upon

    This beautiful place

    A place unlike any other

    I explored its wonder

    I felt its warm embrace

    My worries escaped me

    The sadness


    I felt…


  2. Melinda—I had to laugh when you said your children would not listen to you… means they are starting to become their own authentic self—just wait—they will eventually ignore you all together and at some point…it will be okay.

    I was in church with my son last night—-a place I was hesitant to visit because it was more conservative than my way too liberal self—but I really tried to engage and not worry about language and male dominant issues and allow God …allow God to enter—-the minister who looked like opie taylor began talking about how he learned to engage with people who were different than himself to meet those not like him…..and suddenly there was a picture….of him standing in front of the local court house where he stood every tuesday for a year—–his sign said “free hugs”…….
    he spoke of how it changed him…..and i thought of how your blog had changed the world in so many places—————-
    you “boy” will need some hugs after school…and perhaps if you are lucky..someone will notice that you need one as well……………………..sending you a huge bear hug via internet——HUG…………blessings to you this day….so glad I have been changed by your courage….

    BE A GREAT DAY and be gentle with yourself.

    • It never ceases to amaze me how we can find ourselves at the perfect place at the perfect time. You were meant to be there. Perhaps my hugs were just one more way God found to call you back to him…

      Thank you for your encouragement with my kids. As you know, us mothers can use all the encouragement and love we can get.

      {HUG} to you Pam!

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