Laughing Lullaby

2 New Hugs (librarian and a local farmer’s wife)

So, I mostly stuck to my vacation vows. Mostly. The one thing I did really well was relish in the delights at my kids experiencing things for the first time. My 2 1/2 year old was terrified of going fast in the boat, but he did it anyway, over and over again. (I think maybe because he was forced to) By the end of the trip though, he was sitting on his Uncle’s lap driving the boat! And my 5 year old… what can I say. He has grown and changed so much lately and it was so apparent on the trip as he fearlessly tackled new experiences which has never been his forte. The wonder and delight in their eyes was absolutely breathtaking. To prove it, I took over 800 photos. Yup, 800. It wasn’t even just the new experiences, it was also the opportunity they had at having fun with their cousins whom they don’t see nearly enough. It was completely inspiring. I even tackled a few new frightening things of my own. (See, I have always been terrified of kayaking. I have had this irrational fear that if it flips over I will get stuck and drown. I know. I know. Completely irrational)

I also had a new revelation while on the trip. At one point I headed in to bed and there was a loud party going on outside. Normally this would aggravate me, but I got to thinking… why? Why would it aggravate me? I realized that it was because that is the expectation. All my life I have heard others around me complain about noise after a time when they were ready to go to sleep so it became conditioned that I would think that way too. Only, this time I wasn’t aggravated. I enjoyed it. There was so much laughter and obvious joy, how could that be anything but pleasant to listen to. Their muffled stories and shrieking laughter were music to my ears. A lullaby that reminded me how grateful I was to be surrounded by loved ones on this much needed vacation.

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Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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