Paying It Forward

2 New Hugs (1 admirer at Lowe’s Foods, 1 employee at Lowe’s Foods)

It’s obvious when I hear the sweet words, “Oh I really needed that hug” that I have made an impression on someone’s day. The thing I can’t possibly know is how that kind act is going to affect them on a longer term. Will they pay it forward? Will they smile warmly at the strangers waiting with them at the bus stop? Will they bring a bouquet of flowers to their elderly neighbor? Will they purchase a coffee for that person waiting in line behind them? Kindness can be shared in so many different forms and each act has the potential for inspiring another act, then another and another. Until a day when hopefully it becomes second nature to us all.

I still remember a small act of kindness done for me that meant more than I could ever express. I was 17 and on a plane for the first time ever; I was by myself and bound from US to England. There were tears in my eyes, tears of excitement and fear, as the gentleman sitting next to me asked if it was my first flight. I nodded. He then proceeded to explain everything I was about to experience. He talked about the take off, he described the bump I would feel when the tires were lifted up under the plane. He let me know what to do with those hot towels they came around with. He probably never thought of this conversation again, but I remember it every time I board a plane. It’s moments like this that have added up and continue to inspire me to keep paying it forward.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Paying It Forward

  1. I agree about paying it forward and there hundreds of ways to do so.
    I have missed you and I’m happy you had a well deserved vacation with your family.
    You light up my life so much and this post came at a time I really needed a virtual hug
    Thank you Melinda (Hugs)

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