Love For Hubby

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Hubby and I were at a party this weekend where we were made fun of for being too lovey-dovey. We were sitting next to each other using small gestures to stay connected, touching legs, running our hands through each other’s hair, letting each other know “you matter more to me than anyone else.” The teasing was all in fun, but it got me thinking. Is that inappropriate? Were we touching too much?

Marriage is hard work. Hubby and I have certainly been through our share of tough times. We need these small moments to keep us together. To keep us connected and remain a united force. When we let go, physically and emotionally our relationship implodes. When this happens and I am struggling to fight for my best friend it feels as though my whole world is collapsing. It affects not only me, but our kids as well. So, we touch. We kiss whenever we leave each other or see each other again. We always say, “I love you.” And, we try to remember just how grateful we are to have one another. This saying I have just added to our wall is something we say to each other as a reminder. I became the luckiest woman in the world when that one boy asked this one girl for her hand…



Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.




6 thoughts on “Love For Hubby

  1. Love this Melinda! Also wanted to let you know every day when I look at my orange Happiness seed that you shared with me it brings a big smile to my face. Thank you for making the world a bit brighter. Best to you and you family!

  2. If I would have been at that partyI would have smiled and been happy for you and probably saying to a stranger ” look how mch they each other”. It is a joy for me to see two people hlding hands while walking along or exchanging a stolen kiss. I guess I am a romantic at heart and I wish more poeple would feel the same. Our world would live in such more harmony.
    My virtual Hug for You and Your Husband.

  3. Don’t EVER think that that type of emotional an physical bonding is inappropriate. Anyone who would say that to you is jealous of your relationship and love. God takes those we love without warning for reasons only He knows, so we should always let those we love know- at every opportunity- that we love them. The last thing I want my loved ones to know when I leave them which could be for the last time- is that I love them. The last thing I want my wife, children, and grandchildren to hear from me- the last words I will have ever said to them- is I love you. I taught all my loved ones, the sign language sign for I love you, and we use it each time we part, after we hug nd kiss. That’s how I want to be remembered when God takes me home

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