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I have been following a beautiful soul at It’s Almost Naptime about her journey in attempting to adopt a child from Africa. Yesterday she wrote about receiving “The Call”. The one in which she finds out that she is finally going to get her child. She thought it would happen a certain way, but as life always does, it threw her a curve when The Call finally came. Rather than be with any of her family (or even receive a phone call), she received an email while waiting in line to pay for groceries. Now, this is the part that really got to me. She announced her good news to the rest of the line because she was jumping up and down and crying and they might have thought she was crazy wondered about her. They all congratulated her but one sweet woman took the opportunity to hug her and offer her a blessing.

That’s the thing about life. We are all connected. We are all one. When we allow ourselves to remember that it is only natural that we would hug someone who is ecstatic over finding out she is finally going to get that baby she had been dreaming about. Regardless of whether we know them or not. It seems that we only remember our human connection in extreme cases such as birth or death. Perhaps if we tapped deep enough we wouldn’t have to wait for one of those instances. I mean, I can promise you I would be thrilled to receive a hug from a stranger simply because I was near.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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