Let Your Goddess Shine

10 New Hugs (1 new friend at Smith’s Nursery, 1 new friend at The Little Gym, 8 new friends at UCT)

So, lately I have been a little up and down (have you noticed?). I think you may have because recently when I have seen others who read my blog, the hugs have been a little tighter, lasting a little longer. Let me tell you, I have noticed and it has meant more to me than you could possibly know.

I received one of these hugs in particular on Sunday. There is one friend at church that has this calm way about her. As soon as I saw her I was drawn to her and immediately put my arms around her even though she was deep in conversation. She barely finished her conversation when she wrapped her arms around me in a big bear hug. She held me for a few moments and even though I stand a good head taller than her, I felt like I was being cradled by her. Her peace and love exudes out of every pore and you can’t help but want to be near her at all times. All that goodness that radiated out of her enveloped me and allowed my own inner goddess to shine.

Imagine. Imagine knowing that we all have the power to impact others in this way. Imagine knowing that just by being your beautiful self you can influence others to be their own beautiful self. It’s moments like this that I know our world is destined for nothing but greatness.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


3 thoughts on “Let Your Goddess Shine

  1. Hello, my name is Lynn MacKenzie and my friend Karrie and I are trying to start a movment… Internation Random Hug Day will take place on November 16th. We’re just trying to promote the importance of hugging so if you could help gro the movment by liking us on facebook and sharing the link that’d be great!!!!!!!!

  2. I would like to see some social system evolve where it became more acceptable to give hugs in the way that you describe here. Open-hearted hugging is truly a miracle worker and yet there are so many inhibitions and other forces that keep us in separation and isolation from one another. I for one have so much love to give yet very few places in which to give it.

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