Skepticism Be Damned

9 New Hugs (3 Whole Foods employees, 3 new drunk friends (sounds kinda funny…), 3 new church friends)

We live in a cynical world. A world where we mistrust before we trust. We often judge others before allowing them the opportunity to show us who they really are. I was guilty of this on Saturday night.

It was a girls night out at a local bar. We were drinking and having fun. It was getting close to the end of the night meaning that we were at the height of our drunken state which only magnifies these mistrusts. I was sitting on a bar stool dancing wholeheartedly with my entire upper body. (Sometimes I fear that my lower body doesn’t work in sync with my upper body making my dancing a big old mess, but keep me rooted in a chair and I can rock out those songs.) A young woman grabbed me by the arms before I even really knew what was happening. She yanked me down from my stool and ordered me to dance. Now, in my head I was FREAKING out. What did she want from me? Was she going to fight me? Was she going to rob me? All of these mistrusts caused me to become blind to the overwhelming smile spread across her face. She kept insisting on making me dance. I explained to her my 2 left feet and it was just about at this point that I noticed not only the enormous smile she was wearing but the warm hearted laughter that escaped her lips. I relaxed in to the moment and realized she really just wanted me to dance. I laughed along with her as my feet started moving to the music. (not sure that my upper body followed suit, but it’s all good.)

I glanced quickly at my friends and I was almost bowled over by their fierce looks. They were ready to throw down! They felt that same mistrust I initially had. I gave them the ‘all’s good’ look. It wasn’t quite enough. I made a dramatic but what I hoped to be a sly gesture to them to chill out. They accepted my gesture, but kept a close eye on us.

As the night came to a close, my new friend leaned in for a hug. I felt ashamed that my initial reaction toward her was mistrust. It caused me to really take a close look at why I felt that mistrust. Was it because I really believe that there are so many bad people in the world? Or could it be because I was that afraid of being made for a fool? It was probably more the latter. I have been called naive. I have been told I have too much trust. Perhaps I am naive because I notice mostly the positive people I see around me. Perhaps I see all of those positive people because I usually do have so much trust. It’s moments like these that make me thrilled to be proven wrong.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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