World Kindness Day

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It’s amazing how just knowing it was World Kindness Day made my whole day so much brighter. I couldn’t help but smile thinking of all the fun random acts of kindness I could do.

For my first random act of kindness I thought I would go to Starbucks and pay for the person’s order behind me. On my way I noticed a gentleman stringing Christmas lights in the bitter cold rain. He has one of the largest displays in our area and it is always such a joy for the kids. I knew I needed to get him some hot cocoa. So, 15 minutes later I arrive at his house to find out he had gone. I left a note with the cocoa on his front porch telling him how grateful my family was that he put so much energy, time and money in to his display. Turns out I left the note on a business card of mine and I had a phone call waiting for me when I got home. He had gone briefly to get his grandkids but through stumbling words of appreciation it was clear how much the gesture meant to him. Aww shucks.

Next I decided that sometimes our families need our kindness more than anyone. I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to speak to my family members with far less kindness than I do my friends and even strangers. I have high expectations of them yet don’t offer grand gestures of kindness nearly enough. So, I decided the kids and I would commit a random act of kindness on hubby. It went something like this:

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I do believe kindness can change the world.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


3 thoughts on “World Kindness Day

  1. That was a great thing to do for Chris. It was very sweet of you to do such a great act of kindness for the man stringing the Christmas lights. You are amazing. Love you

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