My Stay Away From Wendy’s List

2 New Hugs (2 friends at The Little Gym)

I have to be very careful about what I eat for my health so a Naturopathic Doctor I recently saw was concerned when I told her that Wendy’s is my go to place when I am feeling stressed out. Those are the days I just don’t have the energy to cook or prepare any food for myself so I go through the drive thru. It is quick, easy and mindless. Her brilliant advice was to make a list of 12 happy go-to ideas. When I am feeling overly stressed I just have to try 2-3 of those ideas and if they don’t work, in her words, “Go eat some fucking Wendy’s.” I loved it. It just made sense.

Of course, it sounds so simple but life gets in the way and the next thing I knew almost a week had gone by and still no list. But, I didn’t need it so all was well.

Then comes Thursday. Not one of my best days. I was cranky, tired, stressed and just all over miserable. I didn’t have my list, and because it had been so long I had even forgotten that I needed to make a list. There I was pitying myself in the carpool line when it just hit me. I NEEDED red lipstick on. (Shabana, I thought of you and how proud you would be of me.) So, I dug in to my purse and applied the deepest coat of red lipstick I have worn in a very looong time. And you know what, I immediately felt so much better. So good in fact that it reminded me of my list and I chose to create it right then and there. #1 of course being, put on red lipstick. The rest flowed right out of me and a copy is tucked away in my purse and one is tucked in the visor of my truck so I alway have quick access to them. I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to music quietly (#4) and hugging everyone I saw at my 5 yr old’s karate class (#2). Needless to say I never ended up at Wendy’s. I would share the rest of my list with you, but hey, a girl needs some privacy…

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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