It’s All Perspective

4 New Hugs (1 employee at Aveda, 3 new church friends)

It’s amazing how many different layers of understanding there are to the idea that everyone lives their life based on their own perspective and experiences. Over the past year I thought I was closing in on the core, but turns out I was still only working on the outer layers. I mean, it’s not just about understanding that my view on an experience is going to be different than someone experiencing the same thing. There is also the understanding that their past is what helps make up their view. Then, there is the understanding that different views don’t necessarily make someone ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ just different. I am just now truly understanding this piece.

All my life I have rated myself according to the people I meet. I am not as smart as that person. I am not as fashionable as the other one. I have more manners than her. He is more powerful than me. These are all statements that were devised in my own mind. I was making judgements with no ill intent, therefore I did not view them as being judgmental. But they are. They were making someone, whether it was myself or someone else, smaller than they really are based on my own experiences. My experiences are not fact. They don’t make up all reality, only my reality. Therefore, the statements should read: That person is smart. That person has a clear sense of what style they like. She learned her manners from a different teacher than mine. He exudes a sense of power in his mannerisms. These statements are descriptive. They do not belittle me or the person that I am talking about. Speaking of others this way is in itself an unbelievable power.

The power comes from understanding that I am not right or wrong, smart or foolish. I just am and that brings me closer to a sense of self that I am more comfortable with than I have ever been before. Words don’t cut as deep. Difficulties seem easier to overcome. Challenges, hopes and dreams feel within reach. I know there are so many more layers to this understanding, I mean I haven’t even touched on how personalities play a factor. The beauty is that with each passing layer, I am closer and closer to knowing that my life will turn out perfect because it already is.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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