Rainy Day Blues

3 New Hugs (2 family members of a church friend, 1 lounge singer/fortune teller)

It’s that time of year. No, not Christmas… it’s our annual trip to Buffalo! Woo! Hubby and I have been making this trip every year since the first year we met to watch a Buffalo Bills Football game. It’s an awesome tradition. It never goes according to plan and something always causes us to almost regret going. Almost. But, after 13 years we have learned to just go with the flow. And laugh. LOTS. This year was no different. I watched the weather carefully for days before leaving. On Friday I checked it on an hourly basis especially because it was supposed to be unseasonably warm with only a spotty chance for rain. After confirming and reconfirming, that is what I packed for. I should have known better. Even though we had the best seats we have ever had, we left at halftime because we were soaked through and freezing cold. But, hey, we WON! (that doesn’t happen often)

Fortunately the weekend wasn’t a complete washout (pun intended). Saturday night we had dinner at E.B. Green’s. We have eaten a nice meal there every trip and there is a sweet older lounge singer that we have enjoyed listening to every time. He always thanks everyone as they are walking out the door in his own special melodic lounge singer way. This year I decided to say hi. Little did I know what I would be getting. He instantly started flattering me and asked my astrological sign. I laughed, a little taken back from sheer surprise and answered Leo. He got very excited and asked/exclaimed, “You had a good year this year didn’t you?” I agreed that I had. He then proceeded to tell me that next year was going to bring a great surprise. But, that’s not all folks. He asked hubby’s sign and when I said Aries he let me know we are one great match. (Not such surprising news, but definitely a new delivery) I thanked him for always providing us with such enjoyment every time we are in Buffalo and leaned in for a great big hug. He asked me to stick around for one more moment, reached in to his bag and gifted me with one of his cd’s. I am such a sucker for musicians. Or maybe just the martinis and flattery.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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