Beautiful Intentions

1 New Hug (employee at Walmart)

I love people. Or maybe it is just this time of year. No, I am pretty sure it is people. I love the nuances that make each person different and the quirks that make them all special. I cherish those that I don’t understand because they show me that as much as we are all one, we are all so very different.

I spent so much time in the past frustrated at others that didn’t act the way that I would. I mean, didn’t they understand how much easier life would be? Then I realized they were looking at me thinking the same thing. If she (meaning me) only acted my way wouldn’t she understand how much better life would be? How beautiful is that? Both people thinking that they only want the best for the other and thinking that they could be the one to show it to them.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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