1 New Hug (1 employee at Target)

The growth I experienced during my hug journey continues to resonate in my every day life. It catches me off guard at random moments. Like yesterday. I was putting away all of the Christmas decorations. That involved carrying very large awkward boxes up 2 flights of stairs. Anyone that knows me knows that this is always a recipe for disaster. I am not exactly the most graceful person. In fact I am pretty much downright clumsy and accident prone. (You do NOT want to know how many iPhones and iPads I have been through.) Ok, back to my story. I was rounding an awkward corner while climbing the stairs and trying to maneuver the large box (that still had the flaps sticking out just waiting to grab on to the edge of the wall) when I noticed how sure footed I felt. I was stunned. I knew right where my foot was going to land and was confident that each step would find its mark. This may not seem like a lot for most of you, but this was mind boggling to me.

What happened? What changed so drastically that caused me to change from clumsy clara to graceful greta in what seemed like an instant? Could it be that by finally going confidently in the direction of my own dreams my entire body has become centered? (Go with me here. You are going to get a rare peek into the crazy way my mind thinks.) Rather than making decisions based on what I think others would expect or want of me, I began making decision based on what I want. Rather than waiting until I was certain that the choices I made would be the absolute best ones for me I began acting on them. Rather than sitting idly by expecting life to happen to me, I began to make life happen.

All you have to do is watch a toddler taking their first steps to understand where I am going with this. They aren’t sure of what they are doing. They hesitate wondering with each step whether they are going to fall down or not. It’s this hesitation that often causes the fall because they are not placing each step deliberately. Eventually, they get it. Their steps become more deliberate and they stop worrying whether they will fall down or not because they stop falling. I think I have finally at 37 years old found that confidence. Each step, each decision I make is completely deliberate with little to no fear of the consequences because I know won’t fall. I feel centered and confident that all of my next steps will find their mark.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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