*Slap in the Face*

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Oh my. My mind has been swirling the past few days. So much I have to get excited about. I started to share with you all, but realized that I am not quite ready yet. Don’t worry, you will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, I had a slap in the face moment today. Hubby looked at me this morning and made a joke about me not liking to take the garbage out. (it was pretty full…) I instantly got defensive the way I do every time. I started to say how I do take the garbage out and was thinking about how I wanted to tell him all of the other things I do around the house when I just stopped. Completely stunned. He was not accusing me of not taking the garbage out. He was simply stating that I clearly don’t like to take the garbage out. Why did that offend me? It is TOTALLY true. I DO NOT like to take the garbage out. Why did I hear, “you never take the garbage out, you are so lazy and never do anything around the house.”? That is just CRAZY. The thing is, that is what I have always heard. That is why I would always get so defensive. *Big old slap in the face* Duh. I could have avoided a whole lot of fights if every other time went just like this:

Hubby, “You do not like to take the garbage out.”

Me, “Ha, yeah, I really don’t.”

End of conversation. End. Done. We kiss, hug and express our love for each other and then he heads off to work.

Gosh, life is so simple when you just let it be.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


6 thoughts on “*Slap in the Face*

  1. I hear you on this exchange between you and your hubby. A lot of us do the same thing, immediately become defensive, when all someone does is state a fact. I have noticed my husband does that (state a fact) and I feel some gut-level need to explain myself…..duh.

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