Shift In Consciousness

1 New Hug (a yoga friend)

You ever have those moments where you are questioning a particular thing in life, and questioning it, and questioning it, then one day clarity happens? For me that clarity usually comes after reading something life affirming or just after I meditate. I had one of those moments today after reading Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck (one of my idols in case you didn’t know.)

I grieved for 2 weeks after 12/14 happened. That devastating shooting involving elementary school kids hit too close to home on many levels. I, along with so many others I am sure, were left wondering why. Why did it happen? Why are there people in the world that are capable of committing such a heinous act? Are these people evil, crazy, or is it something else? I personally do not believe in evil. I believe that we are all humans in this world capable of all of the same things who just make different choices with our lives. That is a very difficult concept to continue to believe during a time such as 12/14. Yet, I found myself sticking to my convictions. But, why?

Since 12/14 there have been far too many more instances of traumatic events such as that shooting. Perhaps not to the same caliber, but to take a life is to take a life. One is far too many. So many of them seem so senseless and why now are children being targeted? The craziest part for me was that with every shooting as I watched my friends rage on facebook and twitter, I felt a sense of calm. My heart hurt for those involved, but hope and peace kept rising up from the pain. How was this possible?

In the past non violent leaders have been targeted by others who are violently fearful of change. I believe in this day and age they have no one to blame. Without one person to target they are blindly targeting anyone including our children. This is not acceptable. Yet, there in my heart I feel it once again; hope, love and peace rising amongst the angst.

Many inspirational speakers are now talking about a shift in humanity. A shift in consciousness. I believe that this shift is happening. It is taking us from a world of suffering to one of love. Out of these tragedies there have been more mentions of acts of kindness than I have ever seen. People from all over the world came together to hold Sandy Hook’s pain in their hands and ease it for those suffering the most. Facebook pages, twitter accounts and all types of social media have become platforms for numerous kindness acts. These are making the mainstream news on a daily basis. People are coming together, love is flowing freely and compassion is being felt world wide. The shift in consciousness is happening. These fearful humans are acting out of an awareness of the change, yet they can not stop it. The shift does not accommodate hate, fear and anger only love, kindness and compassion. I will forever stand behind my conviction, love will conquer all.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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