Welcome Competition

0 New Hugs (4 whole days with no new hugs. Kind of makes me sad. Going to have to go run errands tomorrow just for an excuse to interact with someone)

So, Friday evening I spent with some friends. At one point one of them said, “Oh hey, I read about what you did at Target online in my Mom’s group!” Turns out she read a post in one of her mom groups that was from a woman who was thanking a kind stranger for helping her in a moment of distress with her children. She didn’t know the woman’s name so she wrote the post in the hopes she could learn who that kind stranger was. My friend instantly thought of me because recently I helped a little girl find her way back to her mom. But, also because in the post the mom mentioned being grateful for the hug she received as well. This just confirmed her suspicion that it was me.

After reading the post it was clear I was not the kind, hugging samaritan. Turns out someone else had helped a down on her luck mom that was struggling with her kids while just trying to get some shopping done. This kind samaritan did what she could to help the mom get through shopping and check out as quickly as she could. At which point, she hugged her.

This prompted some teasing from my friends. “Uh oh Melinda, you have some competition out there.” Hmm, with this kind of competition I say, “Bring it on!” No, really. Please. Bring it.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



4 thoughts on “Welcome Competition

  1. Visited the Alzheimer’s section of a Retirement Community, just to give hugs to the people who work there. Had been visiting 1 to 2 times a week, to see my friend’s mom. Have watched the nurses, kitchen workers, assistant, etc., take care of the residents for the last year. So impressed with the workers’ interactions with patients, that I just needed to thank them and give them hugs.

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