Not To Toot My Own Horn, But…

6 New Hugs (6 hugs at Eye Care Center)

Ok, so I had this great opportunity and I took it. I was at my annual eye exam and noticed a copy of the Reader’s Digest that I happened to be in back in December. Now, not to toot my own horn but…

I knew it might get me a lot of hugs. And, well, I was right. I showed the nurse where I was in the magazine. She kept asking if I was for real. I told her I was. She then brought the magazine out of the room and I didn’t see her again until the end of my exam. As I went to check out I noticed her and another employee reading it. I said, “Now, you know that means I get a hug from you both.” The nurse laughed at me and stated in a very obvious tone, “Well, yeah!” As I gave them both hugs the 2nd employee said, “oh, I love hugs.” I laughed and said, “well, clearly so do I!”

I then proceeded to make sure everyone I saw got a hug. What a glorious way to start my day.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Not To Toot My Own Horn, But…

  1. What a great post!! See how your energy and those hugs are spreading?? Keep reaching out to others so they can increase the kindness that we need in this world.

    • Thank you Chris! You are so great at encouraging me and others to share our stories. I have a feeling you might have a few up your sleeve. If you ever feel like sharing, I know I would love to hear them! {HUG}

      • Melinda, you and what you do are to be celebrated. I find as I increase in age, I am also increasing in letting others know when I believe they are adding to the kindness in the world. I am hoping I did this when I taught the young for 35 years. Having been so blessed to be allowed to teach in elementary school, I have learned that it truly IS important to pass on the excitement and acceptance the young have for life and for each other. That lesson from the youngest among us is to be admired, and I believe it is to be practiced by all of us, as often as possible. There will never be too much love or acceptance in this world.

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