Peace, Playfulness and Love

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Sometimes our kids can teach us so much about life. Especially the way they listen to what their bodies tell them, I mean really listen. If they are not feeling well, they stop. They lay down wherever they are. If they don’t feel like eating, they don’t. DSC_0003

If they feel the need for warmth and security, they seek it out. That part is my favorite. Yesterday morning he asked me to cuddle him in bed where he proceeded to tell me, “Mommy, I love your eyes.” “Mommy, I love your face.” All while he was stroking my face and hair, gently touching my nose, cheeks, eyes, and ears. I wrapped my arm around him while he did this and we both peacefully drifted off to sleep. These are the moments that will be held in a special place in my heart to remind me that life is soooo good.

I wish I could make him feel better, but I also am in awe watching him allow his body to heal itself. He has been throwing up, barely eating and yet he never complains. He just sits quietly, patiently waiting for this virus to run its course.

I am taking this opportunity to learn a little about slowing down. Rather than rush to get things down while he quietly waits for his body to heal, I sit with him. Rather than rushing to do things while he sleeps, I find quiet moments for myself. And this morning, rather than heading out to run the errands I know must be done, I spent the time capturing this all too special morning of peace, playfulness and love.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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