Inevitable Life

Life is constantly shifting and changing. Isn’t that what makes it so exciting? And terrifying, and beautiful, and maddening? Some things are out of our control and we have to shift our life to accommodate these changes. Some things are ours to create in exactly the way we choose. I have a quote on my bathroom mirror that reads, “Life is a combination of freedom and destiny. The beauty is you don’t know which is which.”

In this vein we can have grandiose ideas of what direction we want life to go. It is necessary to have dreams and goals of what we want out of life. Without these we have nothing to work toward. Life is directionless and that is exactly where you will go. Nowhere. But, even with direction, something out of our control will derail us off of our path. It’s inevitable. It’s life. It’s what you choose to do with that derailment that ultimately dictates the type of life you live. Will you choose to fight that change or open it with welcome arms?

When we fight the change it drags us down and slows our progress in life. It’s like wearing a heavy weighted vest and wondering why everyday simple chores have all of a sudden become increasingly hard if not impossible to complete. We begin to question our abilities, our motives, even our self worth. We begin to think that perhaps we were on the wrong path all along and it becomes so difficult we wonder if perhaps it is time to give up. We begin to head down the path of the directionless on a train to nowhere.

When we welcome inevitable changes with open arms we stop looking at them as obstacles. They become a growth experience. Funny thing is, the best thing we can do when they happen is to take a step back from our goals. Sounds counterproductive, yes? But, in reality it is the most productive thing we can do. It will be a momentary stop on the path of our life. In that moment we can see with clarity that we are still willing and able to accomplish that which we set out to do. We know our motives our pure and preserve the knowledge that we are worthy. In time we will see how we may need to adjust our goal to accommodate this new change. And, in the natural order of things, life will assist us in our new direction. No pushing, pulling or heavy weighted vest dragging us down. This is when we see the true beauty of life. This is when we realize that it is not the goal or dream that ever really mattered to begin with. It is the memories that were created along the way. The most incredible memories are the ones surrounding that which was always destined to be.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



3 thoughts on “Inevitable Life

  1. I have to stop and say hello. My name is Melinda. My blog is “Hugs, Melinda” because that’s how I sign just about everything online. I was viewing my statistics today and found … YOU. I’m sort of amazed that there’s another Melinda who likes hugs out there. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and nice to meet ya. 😀


    P.S. And yes, this counts as a virtual hug. 😉

    • How wonderful! I am so happy you found me Melinda. Oh, that was kind of weird to write. Have you always been a hugger or did something trigger it in your life? I would love to know more! I accept your virtual hug and send one right back out. {{{HUG}}}

      • Sorry, I got distracted, and forgot to reply. I think it’s my mom’s fault. I lived with her in 2001 to finish school and noticed she was on a quilt message board all the time. When I moved out in 2002, I wanted to keep in touch with her, so I joined the board as well. Everyone there handed out (((hugs))) or (((MISH))) which is a massive industrial strength hug. I got in the habit of signing Hugs, Melinda, and kept on doing it even after the board closed.

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