Love, Love and More Love

On Friday hubby and I attended a wedding in NYC. This was a highly anticipated wedding between one of hubby’s high school friends and his boyfriend. Everything was magical. I mean look at this setting… 1008869_10200419497668043_2143797538_o

I am pretty sure I was teary through the whole ceremony and I know I was outright crying during the first dance. Hubby leaned to me at one point and asked the question. “What is so different about this wedding that is causing you to be even more emotional than usual?”

Because just two years ago these 2 amazing men were spending the weekend at our house talking about the different places they could go to get married but wanted nothing more than to be wed in their home state. In their hometown. Legally. And here we were. There was only one way to sum up how overwhelming the whole evening was and it was summed up in a statement by my friend and I in unison, “There is just so much love.”

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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