I’ve Got a Good Feeling

Day 1 down trying to live life from a child’s perspective. I tried, really I did. It wasn’t always easy. I just have so many habits already ingrained and most of them involve me yelling, “no! stop that!” So, there was still quite a bit of that today.

But, the changes are already beginning. This morning instead of yelling at the kids to go outside when I noticed them playing with their electronics I said, “my turn next!” If you could have seen the look on their faces. heh

The changes weren’t only with me. At dinner I told my whole family what my next 30 day challenge is then asked the kids what we should do the rest of the evening. They shouted out, “play the wii” “watch a movie”. So, I suggested, “Why don’t we have a Wii Dance Party then watch a movie?” As they gave me high fives and laughed in excitement, I snuck a peek at hubby and a cute little smirk was playing on his face. I watched as the stress of the past week just melted away.

I have a really good feeling about this.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


One thought on “I’ve Got a Good Feeling

  1. Way to go, Melinda!! Play is a great way to reconnect with children and with that child-like part of ourselves. Becoming “like a child” can be positive and life-affirming. Ah, those fun days of our own youth. What better way to access all of those exciting experiences than to relate to your own children, with that exuberance of the young.

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