Letting Go

I am going to call Day 3 of this challenge Letting Go. Kids don’t have the experience of understanding that things “should” be done. They only know how to do what they want to at the exact moment they want to. They are a great teacher of letting go of our “shoulds” because they don’t even know what that means yet.

Today we cleaned the house. I did it because I “should” keep a clean house. They did it because it was what I asked of them and they know it makes me happy which makes them happy. How different would cleaning be if we simply looked at it as a way to make us happy? I must admit, I had a pretty big smile walking barefoot through my kitchen knowing little crumbs and pieces of grass wouldn’t be sticking to my feet. What if instead of saying “I should clean” I said, “I can’t wait to feel the clean floors beneath my feet”? Would it become more enjoyable? Perhaps it’s time to let go of my “I should’s” and embrace more “I can’t wait to’s”.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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