Ask Away

So, here we are at day 4 of living through a child’s eyes. These kids are teaching me so much every day, but one lesson in particular stood out today. Ask for what you want no matter how ridiculous it might be to others.

Let me set the stage. My 3 year old is not a gentle child to say the least. He certainly can be at times, but generally everything he does he does with so much gusto that someone often gets hurt. This includes his hugs and kisses. So, there we were in the kitchen when he asks for a hug. I prefer to give the kids hugs on the same level as them so I will either stoop down or lift them up. This time I chose to lift him. He squeezes me nice and tight and blurts out, “KISS MY EYE” as he thrusts his face at my lips. This isn’t the first time he has requested this. With a big smile on my face I oh so gently kiss his eyelid.

Now, I don’t know about you (I suspect this is the case for many of us) but I weigh my requests long and hard before asking for anything. “How will this sound to them?” “Will this cause them undue stress?” “Will they feel obligated to say yes to my request?” “Will they think this request is too weird?” “Will they think I am taking advantage of them?”

Perhaps it’s time to take a cue from the 3 year old and just Ask Away! What’s the worst that could happen? They say no. Ok, that might not be fun, but perhaps they say yes. And now my life is easier/more fun/less complicated and that would certainly be worth it.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


One thought on “Ask Away

  1. Melinda…I really like that part about just ask away…Over-thinking what we do and say can lead to too much introspection and second-guessing. Children are so spur-of-the-moment and we adults are so used to planning everything….one of the perks of doing what you are doing–is NOT planning and just going with the moment.
    Good for you!!

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