My Beautiful Mammogram Moment

Ok, before I move on to telling you about my BMM, I have completed my 30 day kid challenge. I am a changed parent. I am a different kind of mom. I am kinder, gentler and quieter with my kids. If you find yourself struggling as a parent, I highly recommend challenging yourself to see life through their eyes for 30 days. Or 20. Or 7 or even 1. It’s beautiful what you will see.

Now, my beautiful mammogram moment (or BMM). Last week I had a scare. I found a lump, but it was painful. My Dr. did a great job of reassuring me that it was nothing, but come on ladies, you know. It can be pretty terrifying. My mammogram was scheduled for the day after my Dr appointment. This was just to confirm that it was nothing.

I have never had a mammogram before. I was not due until I turned 40. This is not the way I wanted to have my first one. I was hoping to organize one of those booby parties where a few friends get together, do it at the same time and celebrate after. Instead I found myself alone in a room with two ladies in their 70s each of us with our own look of fear on our face. I saw an opportunity for kindness and togetherness and I leapt. “You know, they really need to have some sort of TV with cartoons or a comedy playing in here to calm our nerves.” I held my breath, I wasn’t sure how this would be received. Nervous laughter erupted from both of them. “You are right, they really need it.” That was the catalyst that started our BMM. We opened up, we laughed, we were vulnerable with each other. We mentally held each others hands during the 20 minute wait we each had before going to our ultrasounds and ultimately our results. When the first of us returned with good news, we rejoiced. I was next. I quickly learned that no cancer was detected and returned to share the good news with my one friend remaining. Earlier she shared that she wished her heart doctor was around because all she needed was a hug from him. I walked up to her and said, “I may not be your heart doctor, but I would love to offer that hug.” I then shared my good news and we embraced for a few moments. I wished her the same good fortune the other members of our BMM had. And, we went our separate ways. I most likely will never see these women again, but I will never forget them. Given the opportunity, our most difficult moments can become our most treasured.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.




One thought on “My Beautiful Mammogram Moment

  1. Good for you, Melinda!! What a great way to make others feel more comfortable and to help relieve your own fears. We need to remember this lesson, as most of us females go through this, yearly. Congrats on your 30 day quest. Sounds like you learned a lot about your children and about yourself. Thank you for sharing…..

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