Heart Songs

When I am following my Truth; the things that make me truly happy, my heart sings. These are the things that make my heart sing:singing-heart-joan-dorrill

Long, long walks alone

Finding the balance between motherly direction and allowing my boys freedom to do as they please

Knowing where my vegetables are grown and by whom when I pick them up from the farm

Writing a blog post

Feeling in control of my finances since following Dave Ramsey’s advice

Spending time listening to/watching nature (especially near water)

The contentment I feel after a  fight with hubby that turns productive and we both feel heard

Just being around my family. The more of them around, the better.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Giving hugs, but even better getting hugs

Sprinting the last distance with everything I have in me after a 3+ mile run

Accepting and beginning a challenge I was afraid of/thought I couldn’t accomplish (even if I don’t complete it)

Often these things that make my heart sing are messy or have moments of frustration, even anger. Underneath those basic human emotions my soul is telling me I am on the right path. I am staying true to who I am despite the challenges presented. Not allowing my emotions (or society) tell me which direction I should follow is freeing and reminds me that I am capable of anything.

What makes your heart sing?


Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.






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