I was inspired by This Post over at Positively Positive. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. And, well, since I have not done a 30 day challenge in a while what better challenge than wearing a Be Love sign around my neck for 30 days?

For a while now I have been making decisions and trying to live my life with the motto, “What would love do?” It has been life changing. When I feel stuck or angry I simply ask myself, “What would love do?” and that clears all the icky ego driven thoughts out of my head and the simple truth shines through.

Funny enough, I always thought love was enough. I mean, I have love in spades for all things and people. If that is enough then why would I get so angry? Why would I have a hard time forgiving? I would beat myself up thinking maybe love isn’t enough. What I didn’t realize is that love as an adjective is not enough. Love is meant for doing and being. It must be turned in to a verb to work perfectly.

I couldn’t just have love. I needed to Be Love. Once I became love life shifted for me. I still got angry and frustrated (I am human after all) but I was quick(er) to calm down. Not because I chose to love whatever I was angry or frustrated at, but because I chose to love myself. I chose to Be Love. All of a sudden the positive mantras I have been posting for years made sense not just in the day I read them because they were fresh in my mind, but permanently because the truth I held guarded in my heart broke free for all the world to see. Never have I felt more vulnerable. Never have I felt more loved. Never have I felt more peaceful. I want that for everyone. I want that for you.


Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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