Pick and Choose Your Battles

My heart has been weighing heavy over the events that have been happening in Syria. I have wondered what I would do if I were in the President’s shoes and had to make that conflicting decision on whether to act or not. I have read information available to me regarding both sides of this debate. Then, it got me to wondering why Syria? Why now? It is my understanding that this is not the only act of genocide that has happened in the world in recent times. What has made Syria so special that this is the country that the President has chosen to act against and that the media has chosen to pick up?

This world is so vast. There are so many people, so many countries, so many conflicts and so many opportunities for change. It can be quite overwhelming. When we begin to think of it this way, it often becomes so overwhelming that we do nothing. We sit back and wait to see how everything will play out and often nothing changes. Yet, when we focus on one circumstance at a time we realize that a difference can be made. I like to think that this is what is causing the President to act.

All I know is that nothing will ever be accomplished by feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of it all. So, we should take it one opportunity at a time. When we encounter an opportunity that moves us, that makes us angry, that feels like a dagger to the soul, let’s grab on tight and allow it to convince us to move mountains. That’s where change starts. That’s how as individuals we can make the world a reflection of the one we envision in our dreams.

My dream world is full of love and compassion, mercy and hope. My dream does not include violence begetting peace. Love begets peace. Today I am being love for Syria. I am being love for the President. I am being love for change.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


One thought on “Pick and Choose Your Battles

  1. I, too, find this situation in Syria beyond my comprehension. I find myself of two minds: NO one should use gas on their own citizens, or anyone else. Why is the U.S. always expected to solve all of the world’s crimes? Well, as you feel, Melinda, I am so confused and feeling so war-weary. Our own country needs our attention, desperately. But, then I ask myself what would I want other countries to do if our citizens were being gassed. Of course, I would want other countries to jump in and help us. U.S.= us. I pray that the countries surrounding Syria will step up to the plate, and help to stop this genocide.
    Blessings on you, my dear.

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