Be Love Challenge

Ok, so I didn’t quite think through my Be Love challenge. Big problem. My sign was too big to hug people. Yeah, that is not going to work. I loved the size of it, but wood is slightly (ok completely) inflexible and could give splinters and scratches. Not really what I was going for. Oops.

Anyway, the one day I wore it was AMAZING! I can’t wait to make a new sign. Walking through Lowes hardware store I got a ton of smiles. Not only that but I had a few people stop me just to say how much they loved my sign or loved my message. (insert silly, happy giggle here)

Next I had to stop at a body shop to get an estimate on a repair for my truck. The technician assisting me walked me outside then stopped, turned to me and said, “Why Be Love?” I said it was because I wanted to spread a message of love. Him, “But why?” Hmph. Wasn’t expecting that. You weren’t supposed to question it, just FEEL it. Me, “Because I have a blog that I like to promote love and kindness on, I even did a Year of Hugs.” Him, “oh, I was just curious.” Um, ok. I left not knowing what to really think of the whole exchange.

So, I went back about a week later for my repair. He walks in, kind of looks at me sideways and says, “Where’s the sign?” I started to smile and he added, “You thought I would forget..” I just let him know it was too big and I had to work on making it more user friendly. To which I didn’t really get a response, we just moved on to the truck repair. Looks like it did make an impact. What kind of impact, I am still not sure, but hey, he remembered.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


One thought on “Be Love Challenge

  1. like my license plate reads “BTHELOVE”…. YOU my sweet ARE the love…. just keep being….


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