Oh calling…where are you?

This past week I listened to a teleconference called the Find Your Calling tele-jam with Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin and Amy Ahlers. It was an entire 90 minutes. Normally I would look at how long it takes and think, “nope, not for me. I have kids.” But, for some reason I knew I just had to listen to this call. Never mind the fact that I worship Martha Beck (I’m sure that had nothing to do with it…) I mean, she looks like Reba McEntire, has 3 Harvard degrees and writes in a way that makes you wish (or think you already are) her best friend. Oh, there I go worshipping her again. I swear that’s not what this post is about.

Honestly, I didn’t get as much out of the call as I expected. Especially seeing as how I felt so compelled to listen to it. I thought maybe I would find the answer to what my calling is. Huh, I just had an epiphany. No really, right in this moment. I just wrote that statement then realized I did find the answer. Holy crap life can be pretty crazy sometimes.

What is my epiphany? It’s not quite as exciting as you might think and that is kind of the point. These 3 ladies mentioned that when you find your calling it won’t be all bells and whistles. There won’t be celebrating and jumping around for joy. It will just quietly resonate in your heart and you will just kind of shrug and go, “huh”. “Huh.” My calling is exactly what I have been doing. I always thought it would be enormous and life altering. My name would be known the world over and I would be an inspiration. (Yet I would remain humble. Ha.)

I guess I just thought it would be this one thing. I would be a life coach or a full time blogger or a motivational speaker. But, it would only be one of those things and it is what I would be known for. My calling is not meant to be one thing. It is meant to be many things. I am happiest when I am dabbling in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. As long as I am keeping my heart open to new opportunities I will always be presented with the right calling for me in that moment. Right now, my calling has brought me to be the best stay at home Mom I can be, to lead a team of caregivers at my church in assisting other church members that are down on their luck, to push my body to be the strongest it has ever been all while continuing writing for you. These are some pretty amazing callings.

There is more down the road, of that I am sure. For now, I will stop pushing for it. I will just sit back and enjoy the callings I have in this moment. I will keep my heart open and welcome each moment as it comes along with anything it decides to bring with it.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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