All that’s left

The first few days after I cut my hair I found myself riddled with anxiety. I was having trouble sleeping and often woke thinking about my hair. I really didn’t think I was that attached to it. The strange part was that every time I looked in the mirror I was beyond happy. I absolutely loved my new look. Maybe the anxiety was something else?

A few days later hubby asked why I wasn’t sleeping. I told him about my anxiety and my confusion over whether it had anything to do with my hair. His response?

“You have been going through such a transformation. Your hair was the last piece of that transformation. Now all that’s left is you.”

Damn. Why does he have to be so insightful? Why does he have to know me inside and out, at times better than I know myself? I felt the tears begin to flow because I knew he was right. I allowed myself to get lost in his arms as he held me at my most vulnerable.

So, here I am. Just me.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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