Life’s Redo

Yesterday our Reverend spent time talking about family. Specifically our parents. I can’t wait to share that with you all on my facebook page once the talk is posted online, but a portion of it inspired today’s post.

What if redo’s really existed? If painful memories of your past could be changed? Would you change them? I think most of us would. Even those of us that know the painful memories were important life lessons I think we would still want to reduce or remove the amount of hurt they caused.

Here’s the thing, what if your hurt caused you to remember the incident incorrectly in the first place? How many times have you been in an argument only to find out you misinterpreted something or misunderstood what someone was trying to say? Is it possible the memory you have was misconstrued and didn’t actually happen the way you think?

Now, think of a moment in your past, as far back as childhood if you can, that was so painful you have carried it with you always. Without attaching words to this memory just allow yourself to feel the feelings it incites. Allow yourself to be ok with those feelings. Own them and let them wash over you. When you have freed them from your heart you will feel a little lighter. This will give you an opportunity to think back on that time to how it could have been interpreted differently. Imagine the way you would have preferred it to happen. Give that memory a redo. Perhaps in your new memory you are stronger and more confident so the hurtful words deflect off your soul. Perhaps in your new memory you see how the other person was hurting and you feel compassion for them rather than contempt. Perhaps in your new memory you were motivated enough to leave the situation first. Perhaps you can infuse love into the memory making everything feel a little softer.

You have this power. You have the opportunity right now to stop the hurt and give yourself a redo. You deserve it. We all deserve it.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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