Paul Mitchell Hugs

If you aren’t on my Facebook page then you may not have heard, I am published!! Well, kind of. Maybe. Ok, so here’s the deal. I wrote a guest post for Gary Doi on his blog A Hopeful Sign just months after my year of hugs started. After 547 inspiring stories, he was ready to move on and decided to retire the site. He decided to share his 75 most inspirational stories in a book. I was one! He reached out to me and after a quick tweak of my original post I happily agreed to be a part of the book called Inspiring Hope. So, while I did not publish my own story, the words are mine so that technically officially makes me a published author, right? (covering hands over ears) Shh, I don’t want to hear it if I am wrong. I am beyond thrilled to cross one more thing off my bucket list. Published author. Check. If you are interested in purchasing the book you can do so on Amazon, or order one through me and I will happily sign it for you with a personal message!

That was a really long way around the story that I originally wanted to tell you, shameless plug included. I happened to mention the book to my hair stylist yesterday and realized that although I gave her a hug the first time she cut my hair, I failed to mention my year of hugs. After briefly explaining it to her she got excited and exclaimed that Paul Mitchell includes a Free Hugs campaign in their cosmetology school as part of their culture.  They set aside one day out of their training to don their traditional black outfits and armed with Free Hugs signs hug their community! My stylist went to a retirement home and even though she is already a hugger she was profoundly moved that day. With deep emotion on her face she explained, “After I left I just wanted to break down and cry.” Beautiful.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love hugs? Sigh.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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