Love does matter

I believe love is always the answer. This is a pretty simple concept to preach, but putting it in to action at times can require work. It can mean relinquishing your ego and accepting whatever comes your way, be it a person, a circumstance or even a feeling. This is pretty hard work until, it isn’t. The moment will come when all of the hard work you practiced in accepting things as they are and becoming more than your ego is second nature. And, it will blow you away.

Today I had a rare morning without any kids. I ran errands in record amount of time. I was peaceful and everything around me was quiet. I relished it. I wanted to savor every second. I stopped at Whole Foods to have a bite to eat for lunch. Walking to the very limited seating area I noticed only one somewhat large table left. I felt guilty sitting there all alone, but it was the only place to sit. No sooner had I sat down when I saw another woman all by herself searching for a place to eat. My initial thought was, “oh no. I still have an hour to myself. I really don’t want to have company.” I barely finished this thought when I heard, “Is there anyone sitting with you?” I looked up and smiled (it was a genuine smile). “No, please, sit.” She sat and I buried my head in to my phone to check my emails and send off texts. After a minute she introduced herself to me. My response shocked me. I politely responded, “I am Melinda. I hope you don’t mind if I am not very talkative. It’s that time of the month and I am really quite miserable.” She laughed amiably and said, “Here I am disturbing your peace when you want to be alone.” “Oh no,” I responded, “I am happy you sat here, I am just not in a mood to talk.” What? Did I really just say that to someone? She didn’t appear offended in the slightest. She just began eating. After a few minutes I finished what I was doing on the phone, looked up and noticed she didn’t have a drink. I hadn’t opened mine yet so I offered her half of mine. She graciously accepted and from there we tentatively started speaking and it turned in to an engaging conversation.

I hugged her before leaving and walked away in awe. I loved myself enough to know I needed space so when I spoke she heard loving words and took no offense. I loved her enough to notice she lacked a drink and offered her some of mine. What happened after that was two loving people submerged in each other’s presence offering acknowledgement and acceptance of one another. It was a truly beautiful experience.

My awesome hugging friend Rita posted the following quote on Facebook tonight and I found it a perfect fit for today. ‘if in doubt, love.’ Love matters. Love is always the answer.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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