So, a few months ago I wrote a post detailing my dislike of children. (That sounds pretty bad, you just have to read it to understand.) I accepted my own perceived shortcoming of not wanting to play with my children knowing I loved them unconditionally in my own special way.

It’s amazing how much has changed since then. The simple act of accepting myself just as I am gave way to a freedom in my parenting abilities. Without the pressure of needing to be this parent I thought I should be I became a better parent all around. I am more patient with my kids and myself. I am surprising myself with the new ideas I keep coming up with to entertain my kids. I have created a new rules/consequence chart that doesn’t involve yelling. (What?! Yes, it’s true!) I am even spending more time with them than I ever have. Playing on playgrounds, working on puzzles, cooking with them. And, the best part? I am loving every second.

If only we could learn at a very young age that the more we accept ourselves the more we grow. And, once we learn it, if only we could automatically apply it to every area of our life. *sigh*

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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