Just Breathe

I’ve been doing 30 day challenges behind your back. Yeah, sorry about that. I promise I will get around to writing about them. Anyway, one of them was to do yoga every day for a whole year. Ok, it’s a little more than 30 days but well they are my rules to break, right? There is a point to this… at the end of today’s yoga session I started thinking about chatter. You know, the kind that keeps running through your mind with no apparent shut off valve? Well, yoga usually stops it for me. Except the past two days it hasn’t and that became obvious tonight when I found myself falling back in to my usual wordless yoga. I realized how much I missed it. I also realized that I just haven’t allowed myself to just breathe and be. I thought maybe a few of you might relate so, here’s the deal:

Instead of writing a full blog post I am going to ask you to take the 30 seconds it would have taken you to finish reading and just breathe. Ready, Set, and













You are enough.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



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