When you know, you know.

I have been debating about when to start my new year of hugs and I think I have settled on April 13. Same date as my original year. Besides, that gives me over a month to start acquiring some stories.

In the meantime, let me share one of my recent stories. I began going to an acupuncturist almost 2 months ago. One of the first times I called the office I was struck by how friendly and warm the receptionist sounded. She was sweet and kind and I remember wishing I could just hug her through the phone. The first time I met her there were people around and she seemed kind of busy so I delayed the hug. Well, this week I had no excuse. Yesterday when I went to pick up some supplements she was working. Neither of us were in a hurry so we spent some time chatting. She always jokes with me about loving my purse so much she is going to snatch it away one of these days. Before I left, I met her behind the counter and asked her for a hug. She willingly obliged and I held her tight and told her, “I have wanted to do this since the first time I spoke to you.” She smiled up at me with tears in her eyes which caught me off guard because she puts up a beautiful, silly, joyful front. “I needed that today” she softly shared. Then, composing herself she added, “Now you go out there and spread joy as I know you will.”

It’s moments like this that I can easily imagine a kinder, more connected world and it is a beautiful place.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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