World’s Best Hugger

This is a story about Edna.

When I heard that this next person had been dubbed ‘the world’s best hugger’ I must say I was quite intrigued. See, the person they were talking about is my grandmother-in-law. My boys great grandma. The thing that was so intriguing to me is that while she has always been very warm and caring toward me she always struck me as being reserved. Now  I am wondering why I ever felt that way.

Grandma grew up in a family that didn’t give hugs, just shook hands. Father Kelly was a friend of the family before he became Father Kelly. He was always invited over for the holidays and every time he was invited Edna would give him a great big hug. I never did quite get an answer as to why she always greeted him this way when the rest of the family was more formal. Maybe it was his dashing good looks? Maybe she greeted everyone this way. It became quite apparent how much these hugs affected him when he began to affectionately call her “the world’s best hugger”.

95 years old. I can’t wait for our October visit and get my hug from The World’s Best Hugger!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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