My New Year Of Hugs

Squeeeeee I am so excited! A whole new year of hugging. Yup, I am doing it! A brand new year of hugs. With a twist. I am beyond thrilled to offer up a year of hug stories. Some will be mine, but most will be YOURS! Every day I will share a new hug story with you. If you have one to share, please email it to me at

My first story comes from Erin T. It takes place recently, just one month ago. She recalls laying in bed with her husband where he just held her for 10 minutes. I could hear the tears welling up in her eyes talking about what this moment meant to her. It made her realize that since becoming a mom 3 years ago no one has held her or hugged her for more than a quick second. It’s all she can afford before the kids realize their mom is giving attention to someone else and they break the intimacy. 

It affected both her and her husband so much they have since talked more about it. They realize that they never do it anymore even though up until their first daughter was born they held each other every night.  The busyness and tiredness of having kids just took over.  They were both reminded of the importance of hugging and being held.

Listening to her story got me quite choked up. I can relate only too well. There is a significant difference between kid love and adult love. It’s the difference between being the caregiver and being cared for. Hoping you are all being cared for today.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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