Compilation #1

Sometimes our hug stories aren’t long, but short meaningful snippets of love and/or humor. I will share these in compilations together.

From Bambi G. – D (her youngest son who is almost 4) saw a girl from his class…she ran up and hugged him and blushed after.

From Bambi G. – “Customers hug me all the time because I give them free stuff. They just love me.” (said jokingly with a hint of pride)

From Heather W. Facebook status – “I traded in the infant car seat for the big girl car seat and came home feeling a twinge of last baby blues. Walked in to a sleeping baby in my bed who promptly woke up enough to crawl into my arms for a snuggle we both must be needing. Not rushing her off to the crib tonight.”

From O, Magazine – “One evening my husband and I hugged before sitting down to eat, and when we turned back to the table, there was no chicken on my plate. Three months later, I found the chicken breast under the refrigerator and learned to pay more attention to my house cleaning–and our cat.” – Judy Thomsen Davis, CA (This story struck me because she felt the importance of adding the hug to the story)

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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