No Pity Here

This story is from Tasha V. She shared this story with me as we embarked on a road trip. It was all I could do to keep my eyes from getting blurry with tears as I attempted to drive while listening.

Two days after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Tasha received a call from a church acquaintance who had also had cancer. She wanted to visit with Tasha. When she arrived she walked in with a very matter of fact attitude. No pity, no worrisome look in her eyes. She offered support by explaining what to expect during her first round of chemo. She detailed everything she might feel or experience that first day and through the first round. It wasn’t until after their conversation was over that this acquaintance embraced Tasha and didn’t let go. They both wordlessly cried together.

By holding back the embrace and tears until the end Tasha was able to hear her advice and take it to heart without fear or any other emotions clouding her thoughts. It was because of her visit and her explanations that Tasha was able to endure her chemo and be prepared for the next steps. It was because of the embrace that she knew she wasn’t doing it alone.

I am happy to report Tasha is now cancer free.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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