The Non Hug Story

This story comes from Frank C. He’s my grandpa. My kids great grandpa. He will be 90 this year. That is very relevant to this story.

My grandpa!

My grandpa!

I asked him his favorite hug memory. Or, just any memory of a hug he wanted to share. He got serious and started telling me that he had gone to FL to visit my sister. During that visit which was either 2002 or 2003 she gave him a tape recorder and asked him to record himself for posterity. At this point he stopped and asked me to search his drawer for the recorder. We searched for a bit but came up empty handed. So, back to the story he went.

He recalled being on a train back to CT and he recorded stories on that train. Then, he began sharing details of the train. He had bunk beds and the ride was long. Oh, yeah and that tape recorder should be around somewhere. So, off to searching again. After another 30 minutes and another fruitless search I tried bringing him back. What was it about this tape recorder that made him think of  a hug?

“Oh, you know, your Dad might have it. I probably gave it to him.” And, off he went on another conversation. So, I never did get the hug story that day. But, I did find out that Dad did have the tape recorder and threw it away because there was nothing on it. Grandpa never did learn how to use it properly.

So, you see not all of my hug stories will always end up as a hug story…

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “The Non Hug Story

  1. Oh, not cool. Was looking forward to what he had to say. I understand tho and it’s nice to see a pic of you two 🙂 I have a recording of my grandma and it is so special b/c my son never got to meet her.

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