This story comes from Michelle. I will admit, I cried when I read it and it probably means more to me than it will to you. But, wow. It just goes to show that when you follow your heart, you just never know who you may be inspiring. Thank you so much Michelle for allowing me and my followers the opportunity to hear your story.

“I just wanted to write to you because I can relate to Nick’s story about only hugging out of obligation. I will start from the beginning….. that first year you blogged about hugging I read every single post. I was fascinated from the beginning to read about someone who loved hugging so much because that feeling was so foreign to me. My story begins from my family. I come from a family of hugging italians but my father and mother are polar opposites. My father always did the awkward side hug and my mom hugged ALL the time. From as early as I can remember I always hated hugging. I even dreaded hellos and goodbyes because of it. I could never explain it or even thought much of it. I just did it out of obligation like Nick. Until the year you began blogging. Funny how it took 38 years for me to even think about it. Anyway that year you started blogging I would think hmmm why? And more importantly why do I dread it so much? I have learned a lot over the past 2 years about hugging and myself. I would read your posts and when I was out around friends or family who like to hug me you would always come to mind. I started letting people hug me and let the feelings come….I started to realize it was easier for me to let go and forget the dread if it was someone I knew well and they initiated it. I still kinda dreaded hugs that year.

Fast forward to last march or april of 2013 I had recently started dating the love of my life lol I call him that here because he truely is unlike anyone I have ever dated and as cliche as it sounds definitely “the one”. Well I remember one of the first long hugs he gave me. It was in a dirty garage and we were just chatting about nothing really and he just hugged me. I found myself having an ah ha moment and saying out loud “I really like when you hug me like that.” Wow did I just say that and actually mean it? I remember that day a year ago feeling for the first time that hugs can really convey how much someone cares without word….better than words. I felt how he cared that day. Thank god he has not stopped hugging me and there are days I find myself really needing one of his hugs. Who would have thought.

So the point of this long story is that over that first year of your hug adventure I learned that I love receiving hugs because I can learn so much from the person hugging me. Now my goal of reading your hug stories this year is to find a way to be able to give hugs the same way. To learn to have confidence enough to share my feelings in a hug. Thats the key finding confidence. I finally don’t dread receiving hugs but so wish it was as simple to give them. For now I have him to practice with because it just clicks with him. I am hoping this year to practice more with others.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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