A Celebration of Life

This next story comes from D and B. They are 2 of hubby’s closest friends and they were all going on a 40th birthday golf weekend together. So naturally when they arrived I had to ask for their hug stories. This one was agreed upon by both of them (don’t worry, there will be more over the next few days.):

It was the weekend of hubby’s Dad’s celebration of life. When he died, rather than have a funeral, his Mom chose to celebrate his life instead of mourn his death. All of hubby’s friends made the 4 hour trip to the celebration. There were lots of hugs that whole weekend, some probably rather inappropriate ones at the bar the night they all drank away their sorrow, but alcohol has a funny way of doing that. What they remembered most were the hugs that were shared out on the balcony of hubby’s parent’s house. There were 4 of them, they always called themselves the four horsemen. They consoled hubby and rehashed old times.

They were there for each other. As they always have been. As they always will be. 10169306_10203603360824064_3372528780494680282_n

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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