Birthday Weekend Continued

This hug story is mostly from Bob, but kind of involves all of the boys attending hubby’s birthday golf weekend.

When I asked for a hug story, Bob looked at me, shrugged and stated honestly, “I don’t remember anything. No, really. Anything, ever.” After a moments pause he added, “If I do have good hug stories they were probably when I was drunk. I give a lot of hugs when I am drinking. I probably have great memorable hugs during those times.” Just when I thought that was the end of it he says, “Just make up whatever you want because it’s probably true anyway. Just no tongue…unless it’s with a girl.”

After much laughter and silliness I finally said, “Ok, but you guys are going to a private concert with Darius Rucker. I expect someone to come back with that hug story.” Here is what I ended up with:

Text from Dave: “exact quote from the guy Bob hugged, “hugs are like work ethics… you can never have too much.” Turns out they met a guy named Captain Jamie that gave them this little gem. I loved it. As far as Darius Rucker… well, it may not be a hug but I’ll take it!

hootiePlease accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



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